When one of our┬ácustomers said to us ‘using your course was like having a tutor on my shoulder’ the thought struck a chord with us. It is exactly what we intended when we started providing structured courses.

How  Learning Street structured courses help home learning

The key challenges parents face when helping their children at home are understanding which resources to use and how to structure their work.

Learning Street courses take those two key problems away. All parents have to do is to sit down with the work we provide and follow the instructions. It couldn’t be easier.

Revision built in

Most books are either just a collection of tests or only explain things once before moving on. Learning Street courses have revision built into our longer courses as standard. We know revision plays a key role in every child’s learning which is why we build it in as standard.

Full explanations, answers and instructions

At Learning Street we take great pride in introducing topics clearly for children, giving them a chance to try their new skills and then we regularly keep that knowledge fresh throughout our courses.

We also go out of our way to help parents understand what their role in the process should be. We show them what they need to do each step of the way to give their child the best chance of success. It’s not rocket science but many parents need a helping hand to show them how to start and give them the confidence that they are continuing on the right path.

We make sure we give answers to every question and the more complicated questions all have very detailed answers.

Help available if you have questions

While our courses are so well explained we rarely get questions, we are here to help should questions arise. Everyone who uses our courses has an email they can reach us on to ask questions if they have them and we aim to respond within 24 hours if not sooner.

This kind of backup help just isn’t there for parents who choose to buy books.


It’s no wonder that parents using our courses agree that it’s like having a tutor on your shoulder.

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Learning Street structured courses make home study easier and more successful. There's no need to wonder which books to buy or what to do next. Everything is planned for you.

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