Learning Street has been developed to help parents give their children the most appropriate and targeted learning resources at the right time.

Origins of Learning Street

Learning Street started out over 20 years ago as Lessons in the Post. Lessons in the Post is still in operation and highly successful as the UK’s first and we believe best premium guided course provider for primary school age children.

Because Lessons in the Post is often too full to take on new pupils we decided to make the courses we developed available to the mass market online through Learning Street.

Typically a Lessons in the Post course with tutor on hand to discuss problems, issues and questions on the phone would cost around the £1,000 plus whereas that same course on Learning Street will cost less than £100 (and we still commit to supply email support).

Historically parents have often struggled to know what to do to help support their child’s learning at home- we hope Learning Street will  provide that solution.

When are Learning Street courses relevant ?

We cover the following needs:

  • 11 Plus Preparation
  • Independent School Entry Including Pre-Tests
  • Independent School Scholarship/Bursary Tests
  • SATS Revision
  • Years 3-6 (KS2 Primary School) Improvement/development
  • Home education for KS2 Maths and English
  • Help keeping to UK pace for overseas pupils at International schools

All resources developed by teachers

All our materials have been developed by teachers to our specific requirements. We now have over 10,000 items of work which we are gradually developing into structured courses where we provide structured work that is right for each child individually.

Structured Courses Deliver Structured Learning

Rather than trying to choose from the myriad of books that are available on individual topics, Learning Street provides structured courses. These courses provide weekly work to families which is fully structured with built in revision and lots of regular advice on how to get the most of out the materials and what to do when and why. Our research has shown that this is exactly what most parents want as otherwise they have great difficulty in deciding which books to use when. Learn more about how using our courses is like having a tutor on your shoulder…

Proven Success

While we are constantly producing new worksheets, new exam papers and new courses the bulk of our materials have been in use for many years. While they are updated or re-scheduled to cope with the demands of a changing syllabus they have been proven to be successful in home use or in the classroom. You can learn more about the success of those that use our courses here…


We have set up an FAQs page in order that you can learn more about us and find out answers to questions that you may have. If we haven’t answered your question then do please feel free to contact us. You can find out more answers to common questions that we are asked here…

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Learning Street structured courses make home study easier and more successful. There's no need to wonder which books to buy or what to do next. Everything is planned for you.

  • Proven to deliver excellent results
  • Used by families, private tutors and schools
  • Fully planned and structured
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