We have over 300 English worksheets for year five children. They have been designed to mirror the year five literacy curriculum in an engaging way.

Our worksheets cover every area of the literacy syllabus for year five including Spelling, Grammar, Punctuation, Writing, Reading and Comprehension.

Below you can see a selection of our worksheets. Some of these are downloadable, others are only available within one of our courses. Full answers are provided within all our courses but are not provided with individual worksheets for free download.

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Free year 5 English worksheets to download – no registration needed

Sentence matching  Sentence level work is a crucial part of year five skills development. This is one example of worksheets that we feature throughout this level.

Essential Spelling – During key stage two children have to develop a wide vocabulary and excellent spelling skills. Part of that process involves mastering the words specified in the syllabus. These sheets focus specifically on these words. The sheets teach spelling but also use the words to enlarge vocabulary.

Similar words – A wide vocabulary will naturally include a number of synonyms or near synonyms. Children with a good knowledge of synonyms tend to be able to express themselves better when writing. This worksheet is part of a series which develops learning in this area.

Other worksheet examples included as part of year five English courses

Homophones 9 – Throughout year 5 we help children to develop a wider vocabulary which is one of the most difficult learning challenges they will face. Books tend not to deliver this very well

Linking ideas– Use of conjunctions in writing. Helping a child to develop their writing skills requires the development of lots of sub-skills. In this case we look at how to help children use conjunctions better.

Collective nouns – This is always a talking point and children enjoy learning these collective nouns and will use many of them in their writing.

Spelling patterns – Spelling patterns are an essential part of every child’s learning journey- or should be. These year five worksheets ask children to learn the spelling of a group of words which share the same spelling pattern. Subsequently we then test how well words have been learnt using a number of fun tests and ask children to widen their vocabulary by discussing synonyms and antonyms for these words.

Find the mistakes – Lots of children need help when it comes to writing accurately. These worksheets are universally adored by children. They become the teacher and are asked to find the mistakes made by a mythical pupil. Over time these sheets really help children to deliver more accurate work.

Comprehension – Butternut squash soup. Comprehension is included in very part of our year five courses. This worksheet looks at instructions to make soup. Others will be stories or passages about historical events or poems or a piece about a scientific topic like our star system.

Use of apostrophes – Apostrophes are an area of particular focus in year five. Children particularly get confused about possessive apostrophes so we spend a considerable amount of time on this through both introduction and exercise worksheets and through revision worksheets.

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