We have over 600 Maths worksheets for year six children. They have been designed to mirror the year six Maths curriculum in an engaging way.

Our worksheets cover every area of the Maths syllabus for year six.

Below you can see a selection of our worksheets. Some of these are downloadable, others are only available within one of our courses. Full answers are provided within all our courses but are not provided with individual worksheets for free download.

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Free Year six Maths Worksheets to download- No registration necessary

Revision Test 13 – Throughout our work with year six children we include regular Maths revision sheets. These sheets are incredibly useful at keeping core skills sharp. If children don’t use their maths skills they lose them.

Equivalent Fractions – Our work on fractions started in year three and now that we are in year six the standard is much more complex. Those children who started with us in year three will have made a natural progression to this level of work.

Percentages – advanced work – These worksheets show the journey our children have been on with percentages. In year six the work is now more complex and requires children to be able to work both quickly and accurately using their core skills.

Other worksheet examples included in year six Maths Courses

Complicated area measurement –  In year six our focus is very much on developing area skills using complex irregular shapes. This involves a certain degree of logic as well as sound core skills.

Addition – adding consecutive numbers – Children are often asked to find the total of a consecutive number line. There’s a logical way of doing this that doesn’t involve adding all the numbers up.

Long multiplication – This is where all the time and effort spent on times tables pays off. Children with sound core skills won’t make any mistakes on these questions.

Convert percentages to decimals – These are part of our worksheet series looking at the relationship between percentages and decimal numbers.

Mean, Range and Mode – Understanding these terms is important and this worksheet and others in the series help children to develop their knowledge.

Mental Maths – We continue to work on mental maths through our year six work. We also begin to use slightly different sheets designed to force children to work more accurately and improve their checking skills.

Worded Maths Problems – In year six our work on worded maths problems enters into its most advanced level. Children who have made good progress through their KS2 years will be able to handle these worksheets with confidence.

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