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"These FSCE tests had us stumped because we just couldn't find many materials for them. These mock papers were a godsend and helped us to get a very good idea of the structure of the test and how it would work. This really helped to relieve stress levels and my daughter commented that while she knew the exam would be tough at least she knew what to expect so it wouldn't catch her by surprise."

Mr Crosse

"We used these papers to try to do as realistic as possible mock exam days at home. They helped us to relieve some of the worry and stresses over what the day would hold , helped our son get used to the format which is very different to anything we could source and gave him the confidence that he could do it."

Mrs Bello

1 Day


This is our Heckmondwike Grammar School Mock 11 Plus Exam 2, you can buy it at the bottom of the page. It aims to prepare children for the content and style used in the Heckmondwike Grammar School 11 Plus Test.  Full information about our Heckmondwike School 11 Plus Mocks are included below, or you can look at an in- depth preview here.   We also have the following other mock papers available for this test:

Heckmondwike Grammar School Mock 11 Plus Exam  1

Heckmondwike Grammar School Mock 11 Plus Exam  3

Heckmondwike Grammar School Mock 11 Plus Exam  4

Or, you can buy our Heckmondwike Grammar School Mock 11 Plus Exams Bundle ( This is our best value bundle– you’ll save 20% vs the cost of buying four mock tests individually)

Our mock exams offer your child excellent familiarisation to help prepare them for all elements of the Reading School Test:

Content of the Heckmondwike Grammar School 11 Plus Test as set by FSCE

The 11 Plus test is set by FSCE ( Future Stories Community Enterprise). It is unlike some other 11 Plus Tests in that it contains English and maths with a mix of multiple choice and written answer questions together with a creative writing section. We are one of the very few providers to offer a detailed mock exam for this test.

Paper 1  The first paper focuses on literacy and contains English comprehension as well as questions covering technical English such as spelling and vocabulary.
Paper 2  The second paper includes Maths. The test includes both Multiple Choice and written answer questions.
Paper 3 Creative Writing.

1. Carefully Researched

We conduct thorough, ongoing research to make sure that our mock exam papers are as accurate as possible. You can therefore rest assured that your child will be working to the right difficulty level, with our papers also incorporating similar instructions and timings to the actual test. We believe these Heckmondwike Grammar School 11 Plus mock tests give your child the most accurate view of what they can expect on the day.

2. Build Stamina at Home Using Realistic Heckmondwike Grammar School 11 Plus Mock Papers

We aim to provide the most realistic mock exam papers on the market so that your child can build experience of the stamina and standard required in the real thing. Many children struggle on the day because they don’t realise how difficult it will be to concentrate for the full time period required. Using these papers at home helps children to get used to the high levels of stamina and concentration needed so they are best prepared for the day itself.

3. Better Value Than Mock Exam Halls

Going to a mock exam hall can be useful in terms of sitting the papers in an unfamiliar room and sitting next to strange people. However most of the benefit of doing mocks can be gained from doing them at home with realistic papers. Our mock exam packs include detailed advice on how to run the mock exam yourself including full invigilation details.

Completing three or four mock papers at home under exam conditions will provide the most rounded preparation for your child by building stamina and allowing them to learn from mistakes and cement improvement.

If you do then decide to do an exam hall mock you know you’ll get best value from it as you know your child will have experience of the style of the paper, the difficulty level and the stamina needed.

4. Understand Your Areas of Weakness

Testing your child’s abilities against our mock exam papers and reviewing the detailed answers sections will show up any areas of weakness that need improvement. It could be that your child needs to work on their exam technique, topic knowledge or core skills. Completing our mock exam papers will ensure that your child’s preparation is as tailored and focused as possible.

5. Additional Help and Advice for Parents

Each paper set comes with lots of additional benefits:

Full instructions are provided to help parents make the mock exam as realistic as possible.

The answer sheets are designed so that your child will learn how to handle these on the day.

The timing of tests, and how time is called out, will be very similar to what will happen on the day.

There’s a briefing on what to expect on the day and how you can make this easier for your child.

Full and detailed answers are provided.

 6. Schools That Currently Use the FSCE 11 Plus Test

Heckmondwike Grammar School

7. Purchase Information

You can buy the Heckmondwike Grammar School 11 Plus Mock Paper Pack 2 Below. Or follow the links for Heckmondwike Grammar School 11 Plus Mocks Pack 1, Pack 3 and Pack 4 which are all priced the same. If you do go through to these pages the information  is exactly the same as this page, as is the preview, those pages are there just to enable purchase not to provide new information. There is no repetition of questions between the four mock exams.

We do offer a 20% discount if you buy all four mock paper packs  together through our Heckmondwike Grammar School 11 Plus Mock Paper Bundle but this shouldn’t be done if you have already bought one of the individual mock packs. The discount can’t be provided if you choose to go for a single paper now and then change your mind and want to go for the bundle at a later date.

Any purchase of a mock exam will be immediately available in full to download. They can be accessed from your account.

Purchase Heckmondwike Grammar School 11 Plus Mock Pack 2 below



Trusted by families across the UK

"My daughter's preparation for her 11 Plus exam couldn't have gone better. The advice we received about being committed ourselves was exactly right. We set a time to do the work and broadly managed to achieve it. The course was very intensive so we did need to work hard, but it was worth it in the end. Without this course I'm not sure I would have known where to start or what to do when"

- Mrs Hamilton


"We used a Private Tutor to prepare for the 11 Plus, and they recommended that we use the full 40 part vocabulary course as part of the process rather than vocabulary books. We really can't see how it's possible to boost a child's vocabulary without this sort of work, it had everything- real learning activities, tests, revision, pieces of texts from classic books and even vocabulary puzzles which stretched our son no end."

- Mr Gull

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