As mentioned in our previous post ‘Our new ‘Find Your Course’ feature’, we are in the process of adding all of the grammar schools in England to our website with individual pages for each school. Each page contains information such as the number of pupils, number of places in year 7, the entrance exam format and much more.

Due to the individuality of each school, each school requires time to ensure that we find you the right information and more importantly are able to recommend the exact courses needed for that school so that you can be secure in the knowledge that the courses you are doing are right for you and the school you are applying for.

At the time of writing we have currently completed 26 grammar school pages out of over 160 in England. We are working tirelessly to get more and more up everyday and are working through the grammar schools in alphabetical order, so you are able to have a rough idea of when the school you want will be up. You can see an entire list of the grammar schools that we have completed on the Grammar Schools List Page.

As mentioned we are working extremely hard to get more and more schools up, but also want to ensure that you get correct and good information. If your school is not up then please check back soon as more go up but if you urgently require your school page to be up then please contact us and we will be happy to accommodate your request.

Once all grammar schools are up and running on our site, we will then turn our attention to the primary schools and independent schools, so we ask for patience as we work on these sections.

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