In order to help you choose the right course, we have developed the Find Your Course tool so that depending on your child’s age, ability and school, we are able to direct you to the correct courses which are best suited to help your child learn, develop and get the best results possible.

Which Course to Start On?

Click on the button that best describes the most recent milestone your child has passed. The link will take you through to the range of courses we recommend at this stage and based on your child’s ability you’ll be able to identify the course most suited for them.


Year 2 - September    Year 2 - January    Year 2 - April

Year 3 - September    Year 3 - January    Year 3 - April

Year 4 - September    Year 4 - January    Year 4 - April

Year 5 - September    Year 5 - January    Year 5 - April

Year 6 - September    Year 6 - January    Year 6 - April


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Learning Street structured courses make home study easier and more successful. There's no need to wonder which books to buy or what to do next. Everything is planned for you.

  • Proven to deliver excellent results
  • Used by families, private tutors and schools
  • Fully planned and structured
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