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"Coming from a different culture as parents we really didn't know how to help our son with their story writing. We had previously used some books but they hadn't really helped. With the Learning Street course we suddenly saw what we needed to do. The course helped our son take the steps he needed to get better and broke down the skills he needed. He certainly was writing better stories by the end of this course."

Beatrice- Kent

"There's a small element of writing in the Essex test and as we had the time we embarked on this course during the summer before the exam. Our daughter likes writing and was quite good at it, but by the end she herself said she thought she was much better. She said that the element that was most useful for her was the development and revision of the descriptions banks. She felt that given ten minutes she could write a good description of just about anything."

Richard- Essex

6-12+ Weeks

10-12 Years

This course is designed to help children develop their creative writing skills. Creative writing is an important part of all Independent School exams and some 11 Plus Grammar School exams such as those in Kent and some schools in Essex. Our course is a solution which has proved to be very popular.  See the preview for a good idea of what’s included.

What our creative writing course delivers

Most families don’t know how to help their children in this area. Just writing story after story won’t help much, children need real guidance.  This course covers the ground fully and helps children to develop the skills necessary to attain the highest marks.

The course helps children understand:

  • What elements of their work attracts the most marks (it isn’t the plot!).
  • What exercises to do to develop their core skills so that they don’t drop marks needlessly.
  • That simple stories with excellent descriptions, vocabulary and literary techniques is where their focus should be- we show them how to do this, step by step.
  • We show them how to develop a descriptions bank so the bulk of their creativity is done before they enter the exam room.
  • We help them plan stories and then write them.
  • We encourage them to improve their stories through self-criticism and re-drafting.

The course covers the ground better than any book could hope to and has proven to be very effective in helping children improve.  Many children find their stories have gone through a very major step-change for the better having completed the course.

When should children do the course?

  • If children are preparing for a Grammar School 11 Plus entry test, then starting at any point from Easter onwards and slotting it into the other work you are doing is what most people do.
  • If children are preparing for an Independent School Exam then they normally start in the summer of year 5 or once school goes back in September. This gives enough time to complete the work before exams in January.
  • If children are doing a SATs KS2 Test then we’d suggest it could be done at any time from the summer at the end of year 5 onwards.
  • The course is probably too advanced for children in year 4 unless they are very bright.
  • Children who use this course fully will see a significant improvement in their creative writing ability.

Course length

  • The course has 12 parts. Each part should take a week but can be done more intensively if necessary.
  • It could be completed in four weeks if work is very intensive but children must do the revision work we suggest to benefit fully from it.
  • We would suggest that to get best value from the course that it is done in 12 or more weeks (it is often the case that children will be working on other exam elements as well as creative writing so we have taken this into account when developing the course).

How is the course delivered?

  • Once purchased you will be able to download and print the first part of the course directly from the site.
  • You will receive an email a week later letting you know that the second part of the course is available to download from the Learning Street website.
  • Your next part of the course can be released more quickly to enable pupils to cover the ground in a shorter time than twelve weeks if necessary.
  • We deliver all our courses to be printed out and completed on paper, they are not designed to be used on an electronic device of any sort. We do this because children learn best when using a paper and pen.
  • Each part of the course includes its own bespoke answers section for every question.

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You can preview the course or you can purchase it below. The price below is the only fee that is payable, there are no monthly costs.


Trusted by families across the UK

"My daughter's preparation for her 11 Plus exam couldn't have gone better. The advice we received about being committed ourselves was exactly right. We set a time to do the work and broadly managed to achieve it. The course was very intensive so we did need to work hard, but it was worth it in the end. Without this course I'm not sure I would have known where to start or what to do when"

- Mrs Hamilton


"We used a Private Tutor to prepare for the 11 Plus, and they recommended that we use the full 40 part vocabulary course as part of the process rather than vocabulary books. We really can't see how it's possible to boost a child's vocabulary without this sort of work, it had everything- real learning activities, tests, revision, pieces of texts from classic books and even vocabulary puzzles which stretched our son no end."

- Mr Gull

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