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Learning Street Worksheet Library

The Learning Street worksheet library has over 10,000 individual worksheets. These have been used by teachers, schools, tutors, and parents in various forms for the last twenty years. You can subscribe to the library at the bottom of the page.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I access the Learning Street worksheet library?

You can subscribe to the library at the bottom of this page. Simply click the subscribe button and then complete the payment process and access to the whole library will be in your account.

What ages/ school years does the worksheet library cover?

The worksheet library covers school years 3 to 6 with a separate section for 11 Plus. As a subscriber you would have access to all the materials for all years while you remain subscribed.

Are answers included?

Yes, all worksheets that need answers have them. In some cases, an answer sheet is not relevant EG with a spelling list that needs to be learnt or a handwriting exercise.

Can I access free worksheets to see the quality of the product?

Yes, you can. We have provided over 100 free worksheets covering each topic and year group. You can access these by following this free worksheet link and going to your area of interest.

How can I see what is in the library?

You can browse the whole library by following this worksheet library link. Click on the year and subject you are interested, and you will see how the library is organised and the depth of work within it.

How long is a subscription for?

We provide a 6-month subscription which automatically lapses at the end of the six-month period. You won’t need to cancel it. If you want to subscribe for a second six-month period, then you would need to re-purchase. The price is for the whole six-month period, it’s a one-off payment.

Why do you not automatically renew the subscription at the end of six months?

We are concerned that people forget to cancel and so thought the best way to manage this was to not have an auto-renewal.

Is there a limit to how many worksheets a subscriber can download?

There are no limits on download quantity currently.

How are worksheets delivered?

When you choose to download a worksheet, it will be emailed to you. Your spam filters will need to be set to accept emails from us or you will not be able to access the product.

Can worksheets be used within a school/tutor environment?

Yes, they can be, but keep in mind that you may only use the worksheets while you remain subscribed. Should your worksheet subscription lapse then you may not continue to use any worksheets you have downloaded or access new ones until you have re-subscribed. We use DRM software attached to each worksheet to track use. If you wish to use worksheets in a work setting, then you will need to continually maintain a subscription. This will cost roughly £100 per year which is not a great deal to be able to use this library in a work setting. Keep in mind penalties will apply if the DRM software notices worksheets are being used that have been previously downloaded and the subscription has lapsed.

Are all the elements of work in your courses in the library?

The majority of our worksheets are in the library but there are still some we are working to include and others which we cannot include (EG our mock papers). We estimate about 85% of the work we have is included.

Do you add new worksheets/update the worksheets?

Yes the worksheet library is continually being developed with new work being added and other worksheets being updated as necessary.

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"My daughter's preparation for her 11 Plus exam couldn't have gone better. The advice we received about being committed ourselves was exactly right. We set a time to do the work and broadly managed to achieve it. The course was very intensive so we did need to work hard, but it was worth it in the end. Without this course I'm not sure I would have known where to start or what to do when"

- Mrs Hamilton


"We used a Private Tutor to prepare for the 11 Plus, and they recommended that we use the full 40 part vocabulary course as part of the process rather than vocabulary books. We really can't see how it's possible to boost a child's vocabulary without this sort of work, it had everything- real learning activities, tests, revision, pieces of texts from classic books and even vocabulary puzzles which stretched our son no end."

- Mr Gull

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