Year 4 – April

Please use the table below to identify which course will be most suitable for your child’s ability. It is important that you choose the correct level for your child as a course that is too simple or too difficult can result in a child not progressing in line with their potential. Once you have identified the suitable course, click on the link for more information and the option to purchase.


Important Guidelines to help you choose the right course

The guidelines below are here to help you to think about your child’s level.

  • It is dangerous to push a very bright child too far ahead because they tend to get frustrated at school which can lead to difficulties. Better to be ahead enough to be on top tables and have worked on core skills and consolidated learning so that their work is very accurate.
  • In maths and English, at this stage, consolidation is much more important than moving forwards.
  • If your child has very different levels in maths and English then we would suggest focussing on the weaker area and bringing it up to start with.
  • In maths children leave their times tables far too early and fail to exercise their core skills sufficiently regularly. This results in a lack of accuracy in their work.
  • In English, not enough focus is placed on reading and vocabulary development which are at the core of everything we do.
  • One of the core benefits of working at home is, when done properly, it gives children a chance to grow and become more confident in their abilities which is often difficult in the classroom environment.

Use the boxes below to judge which course your child should be on. Try to resist over-estimating their ability or confidence- it would be better to start on an easier course and see more consolidation and confidence come through.


Below Average Average Above Average Bright

Course 2.5 (Combined)

Course 2.5 (Maths)

Course 2.5 (English)

Course 3 (Combined)

Course 3 (Maths)

Course 3 (English)

Course 3.5 (Combined)

Course 3.5 (Maths)

Course 3.5 (English)

Course Coming Soon (Combined)

Course Coming Soon (Maths)

Course Coming Soon (English)

Your child is somewhere in the bottom of the class, you will be aware they could do better with extra support. They may have missed some school, not have English as a first language or lack confidence. For more information about the course please click the link above.

Your child is at or around the middle of the class. Teachers report they are performing to the accepted level. With some help you feel they could easily be in the top half of the class. For more information about the course please click the link above.

Your child will be a keen learner and easily in the top half of the class. They may need a confidence boost or a little encouragement to reach top tables. Their teacher thinks they are doing very well. For more information about the course please click the link above.

Your child is probably already on top tables. Your child will be among the top 4 or so children in the class. You are keen to help them consolidate their learning at home. For more information about the course please click the link above.



Our courses are designed to help children improve and grow, whatever their current level. Typically a child working with us for two years will see an improvement of two levels above their predicted level. Working little and often and sticking with it delivers excellent results.

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