What are square numbers? When you multiply a number by itself the result is a square number.

  • E.g. 3 x 3= 9 ( 9 Is a square number) or 12 x 12= 144 (144 is a square number)

A good knowledge of square numbers is important in all sorts of ways for children.

When are children taught about square numbers?

Children will be exposed to square numbers of increasing complexity during their time in Primary School.

Complexity tends to increase alongside knowledge of times tables.

Children will find square number knowledge particularly useful when working out area problems involving squares.

Equally often questions are set to test square number knowledge giving a list of numbers with the task to identify the square numbers from the others.

E.G. Identify the four square numbers from this list of numbers.

How can children familiarise themselves with square numbers and boost their knowledge? 

Knowledge of square numbers is rooted in times tables knowledge. Those children who know their times tables very well will have no problems, those whose knowledge is weaker may struggle.

For instance, children often need to pick or identify square numbers from a list of numbers and there really isn’t time to work it out, they must either know the answers automatically or they will struggle. Success comes from a sound knowledge of times tables.

How does Learning Street help children to develop their knowledge of square numbers?

Learning Street courses recognise that children without very sound times tables skills will struggle with square numbers so we firstly work at developing times tables knowledge systematically. This is built into our lessons including lots of revision.

When we introduce square numbers we can be sure that children will pick up the topic quickly because they will be very familiar with their tables.

In the latter stages of our primary school KS2 work we then ensure children are exposed to the full range of square number questions they may come across.

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