(lead) We have over 300 English worksheets for year three children. They have been designed to mirror the curriculum in an engaging way. Our worksheets cover every area of the literacy syllabus for year three including Spelling, Grammar, Punctuation, Writing, Reading, Comprehension and even handwriting.

(H3) Year 3 English Worksheets

Below you can see a selection of our worksheets. Some of these English worksheets are available for year 3 parents to download now others are only available within one of our courses.


Vowels – Part of our year three grammar development programme of work. We cover all the elements of grammar that children should be exposed to in year three during the course. We also build in revision to ensure learning really happens.

Mad Word Pictures – Certain words are difficult for some children to learn. Where children struggle a little we have picked out the 75 words they often struggle with a developed Mad Word Pictures which help them to focus on the word using different learning strategies other than just Look, Cover, Write, Check.

Best Handwriting – We have combined a need for children of this age to focus on their handwriting with some spelling activity. Handwriting is really very important at this age. Children will need to write legibly and accurately and quickly throughout their education and it’s essential the right skills are embedded early on. This is especially true in today’s world where screens are taking over and children find they are asked to write on fewer and fewer occasions. In fact most of our work requires children to write rather than just tick multiple choice answers- they learn better that way.


Reading and Understanding – Out for a Walk – Part of our series of comprehension worksheets for children. Children work on their comprehension skills during every week of our courses for year three children.

Consonant Blends – Some children struggle with these types of words ( Twig, Spat, Grin, Slosh) in terms of both reading and spelling. This is one example of a detailed spelling topic which we know through twenty years of experience needs to be broken out to ensure children make good progress.

Tricky words – Sure and Sugar – Some children struggle when words do not sound the same as they are spelt. At this age it’s important to focus on these.

The Farmer’s Busy Day – It’s very important to encourage children to reason at this age, one way of doing that and combining comprehension skills is to jumble up a story and get children to put the events in the right order. We have a fun series which focusses on that area.

Contractions – More important spelling. Children often struggle with contractions and it’s important to work on this area and regularly revise it to ensure the learning has sunk in

Spelling patterns – oi words. We have series which focusses on this area and draws out the 70 key spelling patterns. This is one of the fundamental building blocks of helping a child have excellent spelling skills and a wide vocabulary. By encouraging children to write words out and say them out loud we ensure they are learnt properly. By then helping them develop their understanding of words by introducing them to synonyms and opposites we widen their vocabulary considerably over time.

Word endings rules – During our year three English courses we have a whole series of worksheets which focus on word ending rules and help children to understand this important area.

If you’d like to see if one our Year three English courses might be suitable for you the please do click through to see what courses we have uploaded. NB we are in the process of adapting all our work to this format and that will take us a little while but we aim to have the site fully finished by the end of 2017 when all our courses covering the whole KS2 syllabus will be complete.

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