Find out information about Colchester Royal Grammar School here and learn about what courses your child should be doing if they hope to pass the entry examination into Colchester Royal Grammar School.

About Colchester Royal Grammar School

Colchester Royal Grammar School was founded in 1206 and granted two Royal Charters, by Henry VIII in 1539 and by Elizabeth I in 1584. It has, therefore, a history of scholarship dating back to the sixteenth century. It became an academy in 2012 and was designated a National Teaching School and a National Support School in 2013. CRGS is an 11-18 school for boys and admits girls into a co-educational Sixth Form. It is one of very few state boarding schools, with a family-style boarding house designed for 30 Sixth Form boys. This adds to the multicultural community of the school, which also offers a wide range of trips, exchanges and extracurricular activities to enrich the students’ education. The school has outstanding music and drama facilities and a comprehensive sports fixture list.

Area Essex
Pupils 931 pupils
Places in Year 7 128 places
Competition 9+ applicants for every place
Exam Format Essex 11+ CSSE- English/Maths/VR/NVR
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Colchester Royal Grammar School Courses

With high entry standards to Colchester Royal Grammar School, your child will need plenty of preparation in order to get in. Parents can choose to use tutors/tuition centres or books/structured courses. The benefits of a structured course are that it is tailored to the area you are applying for and parents can focus on helping their child rather than worrying about which books to buy when and what order to do the work in.

Our courses are used by parents and by private tutors who choose to use them instead of books to help their children.

Which 11 Plus course to choose?

If your child is in Year 3 or Year 4 then please use our primary schools course chooser (link below) as a guide to starting on the right course. These courses focus on core literacy and numeracy skills. They help your child reach their potential before moving onto 11 Plus preparation at the right time.

Primary School- Course Chooser for younger children

If your child is really bright and in the latter half of Year 4 or in Year 5 then please choose from the courses below which have been tailored for the 11 Plus and this school/area.

Complete Courses – Complete preparation for the 11 Plus Exam

The course below is our bespoke course for the Essex CSSE exam and includes everything needed. This course is 40 parts in length with its own dedicated page including full details and free course preview.

The  Complete 11 Plus Programme – Essex (CSSE)

Enhance Courses- For those with a little less time

If you have less time available we have cut our main course down to half the length (roughly 65% of the materials in the complete course are included in our Enhance course). Full details and free preview are available by following the link:

11 Plus Enhance – Essex (CSSE)

Boost Courses- For those preparing without much time to go until the exam

If you are preparing later then we have produced these short courses which are half the length of Enhance courses but contain about 40% of our longest course. Link to the full Boost course below where you will find full details and an in-depth free preview:

11 Plus Boost – Essex (CSSE)

Preparation for Independent School 11 Plus Exams

Often we will find parents are asking their children to sit an 11 Plus exam for a grammar school in September and then are going on to sit an Independent School 11 Plus exam the following January.

Where this is case we have prepared two courses to help with the additional preparation that will be required:

11 Plus Creative Writing Course

11 Plus Maths Stretch and Revision


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